Frequently Asked Questions

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***** 03/16/14 IMPORTANT BUGS IDENTIFIED ******
– some languages such as Russian display AM/PM strangely.
– edit settings crashes for UK users. Change Date & Time to 24 hours.

NOTE: the bugs listed will be fixed in the next release, we
appreciate all your generous feedback so far. Thanks you so much!

The alarm doesn’t sound. What should I do?

1. Check that your “Do not disturb” setting on your iPhone is turned off,
otherwise the alarm will not sound.

2. Under Settings > Notifications > ZenAwake > Ensure that all settings are On.

How do I set my alarm clock to optimal volume?

This is a hard one to answer. We recommend choosing the
alarm type based on the level of noise in your sleep environment and
then use trial and error to find your perfect volume settings.

When should I use “Zen” for Light Sleepers?

If the sound of a door knob opening wakes you up, then we
suggest setting your alarm clock to Zen. It will be the most
peaceful wake you will ever experience.

When should I use “Om” for Normal Sleepers?

Normal is actually not the normal at all. Majority of people are
either Light or Heavy sleepers. However, if Zen doesn’t wake you up,
and Buddha isn’t much of a progressive wake, then setting your alarm
clock to Om will be perfect.

When should I use “Buddha” for Heavy Sleepers?

If you have a noisy sleep environment, such as a computer
or fan running, then try using this. Or, if your sleep is similar
to a bear in hibernation, this would be your best choice.

How does the Money Back warranty work?

If you are unsatisfied with the app for any reason, we offer a
full money back guarantee. For full instructions, click here.


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